Inclusion Support Subsidy (ISS)

Inclusion Support provides funding for children with additional needs.

The application for ISS is submitted through the Inclusion Support Portal.

ISS cases, once approved, will flow through into Spike automatically.

To see if it has been received by Spike go to:

Reports > CCS > Inclusion Support Cases.

This report shows the claim number, hours approved and hours claimable per week. Also if there are any Non-face to face hours and/or Pupil free days.

Educators must be entered into Spike under Person and Employee.

A child’s attendance must be sent to the CCS system (finalised) at least 3 days prior to claiming ISS.

To Create an ISS Claim

  • Go to Select Service > Select your Service → Employees tab

  • Double click on Employees name → Attendances Tab

  • Select the relevant week

  • Right Click > Create

  • Enter start / finish times and date (you can only do one day at a time)

  • Tick Claim ISS Entitlements

  • Select Case - it should show in the dropdown box (if it doesn’t it means it has not filtered through to Spike yet)

  • Tick Additional Educator Box

  • Click OK to the Additional Educator Declaration

  • Provision is either Face to Face or Non-Face to face (eg. If the child is absent but you have already rostered a staff member on)

  • Payment – is either Centre Based Care or Pupil Free Day

Once you have created the claim you can run a report to confirm all details are entered correctly:

Reports > CCS > Inclusion Support Child and Staff Attendances.

If a staff member has (*) after their name it means that you have not ticked the Additional Educator Box – you will also get a warning on your processing summary stating “The sum of additional hours is not equal to hours claimed”

For more information visit the Inclusion Support website.