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Spike 2 pre FaCSIA software

Spike Registered for 2011 CCMS changes

Spike 3 completed certification for use with CCMS v1.4 on 19 May and has been successfully trialled in production.

It will be activated for all other services on our servers late Wednesday 8 June.

You do not need to update your Spike Viewer, but may notice a brief outage if you are using the system late that evening.


Spike Server
Mac OSX is a strong platform to run the Spike business rules engine & database on if you intentend to run the system in house.

Spike Viewer
We have delayed release of the spike viewer for Mac, because Apples latest Java is missing some graphics capabilities spike uses.

Apple released Java 1.6 only in 64-bit, but surprisingly withdrew their 64-bit "carbon" SWT leaving only an incompatible 32-bit version! This left us and many others waiting for the 64-bit "cocoa" version that is not yet finalised.

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