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Spike 3 software

Spike update

A Spike update has been released.

A major enhancement is a feature to automatically exchange data with the Canberra CCMS systems at times that coincide with their processing schedules. You will still be able to manually "process CCMS" but this will generally not be necessary. The new feature simplifies your work and will reduce load on their servers and ours during peak times.

Emailed tax invoices will now come with a cover text describing the attachment and who authorised sending it. This enables compliance with the CCMS signing requirements for CCB statements.

Weekly Tax Invoice meets CCB Statement obligations

There has been much concern and confusion over the requirement to issue a "4 weekly CCB Statement".

Spike's weekly "Tax Invoice" contains CCMS details intended to meet CCMS Statement reporting obligations on a weekly basis.

Over the past few months we have been negotiating with DEEWR to clarify whether they will accept this as meeting your reporting obligation or whether you must also produce a separate statement.

SpikeViewer for Windows

The Spike3 thin-client "viewer" is available for many platforms. This is the latest version for use on Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).

Download and Install

Using the SpikeViewer

LDC rollout ramping up.

Spike3 is now being rolled out to Long Day Care services transitioning to the new CCMS system. Many services are already operating under the new system.

All LDC services still using Spike 2 are currently being scheduled for transition by December 2008. FaCSIA have approved an extended transition period for Spike users to ensure a smooth conversion of business operations.

Initially a few services are being rolled out each week while the system beds in, this will ramp up as the new CCMS system matures.

SpikeViewer for Linux

Spike Logo

The Spike3 thin-client "viewer" is available for many platforms. This is the latest version for use on Linux.

Download and Install

  1. Check you have a Sun Java 1.6 environment installed. If not visit or consult your distribution.
  2. Download the viewer linux.gtk.x86.tar.bz2
    or for a 64 bit version linux.gtk.x86_64.tar.bz2
  3. Extract it into a convenient location like your desktop.

Using the SpikeViewer

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