SpikeViewer for Mac OSX

The Spike3 thin-client "viewer" is available for many platforms. This is the latest version for use on Mac OSX.

Install / Upgrade

  1. Click on spikeviewer.dmg to download the software
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file if hasn't automatically opened
  3. Drag the SpikeViewer into the Applications folder to install

tip: OSX does not include Java by default (required by Spike), and the optional installation available from Apple is not current. The current Java for OSX is provided by Oracle. Click on this link Oracle Java to install it.

Using the SpikeViewer

  1. Double-click on "SpikeViewer" in the Applications folder.
  2. You can browse our demonstration site using
    username : demo
    password : demo
    server : https://spike.economicoutlook.net/demo/

tip: You can right click to pop up a menu of context sensitive reports and actions or double click to drill in.
tip: If you find the dates are in US m/d/y order rather than Australian d/m/y, change your Macs
System preferences -> Language and Region -> Preferred Languages. Add Australian English and ensure it is at the top of the list.

More Information
You can contact the help desk for more help or more advanced access