Spike Registered for 2011 CCMS changes

Spike 3 completed certification for use with CCMS v1.4 on 19 May and has been successfully trialled in production.

It will be activated for all other services on our servers late Wednesday 8 June.

You do not need to update your Spike Viewer, but may notice a brief outage if you are using the system late that evening.

CCMS certificate update

Overnight FaCHSIA installed a new SSL certificate on their servers that confirms their systems identity. Spike servers did not recognise or trust the new certificate and refused to exchange data with Canberra overnight giving the error "No trusted certificate found".

All spike servers have been reconfigured this morning to accept their new certificate for future data exchanges.

Spike CCMS 1.3 rollout

Following successful trials of Spike with the new CCMS 1.3 system, the new system will be rolled out to all users late Wednesday 4 August.

Spike Viewers must be updated
Users will need to download a new Spike viewer to log in on Thursday.
Instructions to update your viewer can be found at: http://spike.economicoutlook.net/windows#update
Note: We suggest that OSHC services with restricted download or installation rights organise your IT person to be available on Thursday to assist.

Spike Registered for 2010 CCMS changes

A new release of Spike 3 has been developed and registered for the new CCMS changes that will be rolled our over the next few weeks.

This new version accommodates major changes by DEEWR to the CCMS system known as ER13.

To ensure minimum disruption, we will pilot this release with a small number of Spike users during a transition period to 1 September 2010. Once the pilots are complete we will set a date for other services to migrate. You will need to download a new viewer when that occurs, and familiarise yourself with DEEWR's new requirements.

Tax Invoices are now electronically signed.

Following recent confirmation by DEEWR that the Spike weekly Tax Invoice satisfies CCB Statement obligations, and that emails can be electronically signed, we have been pressing for the acceptance of electronic signatures on printouts as well.

DEEWR have now clarified they will accept the name and position of the person actually issuing the statement in text at the end of the statement as an electronic signature.

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