Spike CCMS 1.5 rollout

Following successful trials of Spike with the new CCMS 1.5 system, a new version of Spike will be progressively rolled out to all users starting Thursday 13th September and completed by Friday 28th September.

Spike Viewers must be updated
Once the new version of Spike has been released, users will receive the following error 'Login failed, this viewer is out of date please upgrade'. Instructions to update your viewer can be found at: http://spike.economicoutlook.net/windows#update
Note: We suggest that OSHC services with restricted download or installation rights organise your IT person to be available to assist when the time comes.

CCMS changes
There are a number of enhancements to Spike this release to meet new DEEWR requirements such as reporting notifiable events. You will need a copy of the Fact Sheets from DEEWR next to you so you can follow the order and descriptions of the changes they have made to the CCMS system.
The Fact Sheets are available online at: http://www.deewr.gov.au/Earlychildhood/Programs/ChildCareforServices/Operation/Pages/CCMS2012Changes.aspx

CCMS Fact Sheet Number 2
Updating your Service Details through the CCMS; complying with Notifiable Event obligations

  • Reporting Service Details
    Go to Select, Service, CCMS Approvals (new name for the CCB Approvals), right click on any approval, select Service Profiles, right click within the window, select Create. Leave the date as is for this first entry, but in future when you are changing this information you would put the correct date that the changes take effect. This is a wizard so follow it through.
    Note: the service profile details are shared across all approvals, you do NOT need to repeatedly enter this information for each approval you have.
  • Reporting Operational Profiles
    Back at the CCMS Approvals tab, for every approval: right click on the approval, select Operational Profiles, right click within the window, select Create. Leave the date as is for this first entry. Edit the number of weeks open and the open and close times if not correct.
    Note: as the Fact Sheet explains, this is where to report any closures etc. The example given is Christmas closures. You would enter the date you “Temporarily Closed”, by selecting Temporarily Closed from the drop list, then do a second entry to report when you become operational again.

CCMS Fact Sheet Number 3 and 4
Personnel Records & Security of CCMS Registered Software – Reporting Personel Records

  • Recording employees (people)
    In Spike an employee is a person (just like a parent or relative), the first thing you need to do is record all the people you employ at your service as people. Go to New, Person and add all your employees to the database, this is now a little wizard to guide you through the data entry.
  • Recording an employees role at the service
    Go to Select, Service, Employees, this is where ALL employees at your service need to be recorded not just ISS child carers.
    You will need to right click on any existing employees, select Update, to complete any new details relevant to their role.
    For any new employees, right click within the window, select Add, to record their role at your service.
    Note: if you see duplicate employees in the list, ring the Spike Help Desk immediately so we can edit this for you.
  • Recording an employees qualifications
    To enter the employees qualifications, right click on an employee, select Manage Qualifications, right click within the window, select Add, you will see lists of predefined qualifications appear as you start typing, arrow down to the required qualification or keep typing the full qualification.

CCMS Fact Sheet Number 5
Home Based Care
In home care and famliy day care providers should contact the Spike help desk to clarify what these changes mean to their operations.

CCMS Fact Sheet Number 6
Fee Sets

  • Fee Publication
    Go to Select, Service, CCMS Approvals, for every approval: right click on the approval, select Fee Profiles, right click within the window, select Create. Leave the date as is for the first entry. Edit the fields if not correct, this is a wizard so select next.
  • Fee Amount
    The next window is a list of all the possible fees you could have. You only have to fill in the ones you use.
    Eg In a simple fee structure for LDC this would be:
    • 0-12, 13-24, 25-35, 36-preschool age and over preschool age “full day session”
    • 0-12, 13-24, 25-35, 36-preschool age and over preschool age “half day session”

    OSHC is a simple one entry for BSC & ASC in over preschool age
    Enter the fee rate(in dollars) and if the other headings are included or not for each charge.
    Enter additional weekly levy, transport information, educational programs, incursion/excursions data.

CCMS Fact Sheet Number 7
Sustainability Assistance for LDC & OSHC services
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Ring us first
The Spike help desk is better placed to accurately assist you resolve problems, including tracking CCB payments. Its quick and friendly, so ring us first on our Help Desk number - 08 82200502.