Spike CCMS 1.3 rollout

Following successful trials of Spike with the new CCMS 1.3 system, the new system will be rolled out to all users late Wednesday 4 August.

Spike Viewers must be updated
Users will need to download a new Spike viewer to log in on Thursday.
Instructions to update your viewer can be found at: http://spike.economicoutlook.net/windows#update
Note: We suggest that OSHC services with restricted download or installation rights organise your IT person to be available on Thursday to assist.

CCMS changes
There are a number of enhancements to Spike this release such as Forms and new detailed CCMS reports, but most significant are changes to meet new DEEWR requirements. You will need a copy of the Fact Sheets from DEEWR next to you so you can follow the order and descriptions of the changes they have made to the CCMS system.
The Fact Sheets are available online at: http://www.deewr.gov.au/EarlyChildhood/Programs/ChildCareforServices/Operation/Pages/June2010CCMSChanges.aspx

CCMS Fact Sheet Number 1

  • Reporting a child's Indigenous status, disability status, special need status.
    Select a Child and in the details tab, edit window you will see new fields at the bottom of the screen to report this information.
    Note: you only have to enter this data for new children as they start.
  • The new Enrolment Forms reflect collecting this information. Go to Reports, Forms, Child Care, Enrolment.
    Note: check out all the other forms in spike3 now.
  • Reporting a Service Special CCB enrolment.
    Your must read the Fact Sheet information, as it is completely new. You will notice that in Select, Person we have made a DEEWR person with a "Service SCCB" account which will be used when claiming Service Special CCB. The first time you need to do this, please ring us at the Spike Help Desk so we can guide you through the set up.
  • A client identifier code appears in the CCMS, Enrolment Detail Report.

CCMS Fact Sheet Number 2

  • Reporting preschool hours.
    This applies to LDC services that have an association/arrangement with a local Pre School (offsite) or have onsite Pre School. Spike now enables you to keep a diary of preschool attendances. However as each service seems to handle the administration of this differently, we want you to ring our Help Desk over the next 4 to 6 weeks so we can talk through your scenario and set your reporting up for your service.
  • Reporting new session types.
    Go to Select, Child, Bookings, double click on a booking, you will see at the bottom of the window - Session, drop the list and you can record the new session types.
    Note: while you are here drop the Enrollment list and you will see Service SCCB has been added.
  • Reporting sessions of more than 12 hours
    This is all automated in the Spike3 program.

CCMS Fact Sheet Number 2a

  • Reporting new session types for school children.
    Go to Select, Child, Bookings, double click on a booking, you will see at the bottom of the window - Session, drop the list and you can record the new session types.
  • Care provided before school and after school.
    This has been automated.

CCMS Fact Sheet Number 2b
This has been automated.
CCMS Fact Sheet Number 2c
This has been automated.
CCMS Fact Sheet Number 3

  • Families reconciliation.
    This will show on a report. Reports, CCMS, Attendances Detail
  • Families JET eligibility.
    This will show on a report. Reports, CCMS, Enrolment Detail
    Once you are using the new software, you will not need to enter the eligible hours in the JET Tab, this field can be left blank. The hours are automated.

CCMS Fact Sheet Number 4
Note: These rules need to be adhered to.

  • You will report the absences as you always have.
    Select, Group, Attendances Tab, right click, Group Closure, select the Action
    • Update Absences if you bill families, or
    • Remove Bookings if you do not bill families.

    You will need to do this for each group.

CCMS Fact Sheet Number 5

  • Reporting the authorised person for your service.
    This will be done automatically, Spike3 will report the name of the person who has done the bookings and the billing of families. If Spike3 can not see who has done the work it will revert to the default person, this person should always be the Director/Administrator.
    To check and set this, go to Select, Service, CCB Approvals, right click Edit, select the Director/Administrator in the Authorised Person list.
  • So from now on all persons using Spike3 MUST have their own log on.
    To Make a new one go to Select, Organisation, User Accounts, right click Create. Copy the way the other logons have been made and make sure that all passwords are secure. Ring us if you need a secure password.
  • This also means that our help desk staff may not be able to do some things related to bookings and billing they have previously, but they will still guide you.

CCMS fact Sheet Number 6

  • Reporting Vacancies
    Select, Service, Vacancies Tab. Double click in as usual, tick all relevant care provided boxes, service operational and enter post code, then enter numbers under each heading. The information will be pre-filled based on your previous week so you only have to update the numbers each week.
    Note: this must be filled in before the close of business Friday and Spike will do an automatic process before 8pm to send your vacancies.

Ring us first
Many Spike users are ringing the DEEWR help desk number instead of calling us. The Spike help desk is better placed to accurately assist you resolve problems, including tracking CCB payments. Its quick and friendly, so ring us first on our Help Desk number - 08 82200502.