Spike Registered for 2010 CCMS changes

A new release of Spike 3 has been developed and registered for the new CCMS changes that will be rolled our over the next few weeks.

This new version accommodates major changes by DEEWR to the CCMS system known as ER13.

To ensure minimum disruption, we will pilot this release with a small number of Spike users during a transition period to 1 September 2010. Once the pilots are complete we will set a date for other services to migrate. You will need to download a new viewer when that occurs, and familiarise yourself with DEEWR's new requirements.

note: Over the weekend DEEWR installed a new version of their CCMS system in Canberra in preparation for ER13 and are experiencing a number of technical problems. CCMS Processing Summaries are frequently reporting errors. This is not due to Spike as our new code has not been rolled into production. We have provided extensive data to Canberra on their problems and are advised they are working on a resolution.