Tax Invoices are now electronically signed.

Following recent confirmation by DEEWR that the Spike weekly Tax Invoice satisfies CCB Statement obligations, and that emails can be electronically signed, we have been pressing for the acceptance of electronic signatures on printouts as well.

DEEWR have now clarified they will accept the name and position of the person actually issuing the statement in text at the end of the statement as an electronic signature.

An update to the servers has been rolled out today, replacing the old signing line with the required signature text so invoices no longer need to be manually signed or stamped.

However as is the case with emails, DEEWR require the full name & position.

If you haven't already done so, edit your user details name to include your position. For example, instead of "Mary Smith" use
"Mary Smith (Director)".

The "User Details - Name" can be edited from Select, Organisation, User Accounts.