Weekly Tax Invoice meets CCB Statement obligations

There has been much concern and confusion over the requirement to issue a "4 weekly CCB Statement".

Spike's weekly "Tax Invoice" contains CCMS details intended to meet CCMS Statement reporting obligations on a weekly basis.

Over the past few months we have been negotiating with DEEWR to clarify whether they will accept this as meeting your reporting obligation or whether you must also produce a separate statement.

This culminated at an interstate meeting with senior DEEWR officials at which we supplied a sample Tax Invoice (displaying CCB details) and a sample of the stand alone CCB statement. We followed this with an email to Mr Kevin Fiebig the senior DEEWR Officer assigned to the request (copy below).

In an email response on 12 Aug 2009 Mr Fiebig advised:

"I am in the final stages of drafting an email to you all about 4 weekly statements as discussed in Brisbane, but in the interim I can advise you that the examples of statements you provided meet our requirements."

We take this as confirmation that you will not need to produce separate 4 weekly statements as long as you provide parents with a signed printed Tax Invoice for each week of care.

If you send the Tax Invoices by email, they must be "electronically signed" to meet CCMS statement obligations. The cover text for emailed tax invoices now includes the "Name" of the spike user who triggered the email. DEEWR however require the full name & position. To meet this requirement, edit your User Details Name to include your name and position. For example, instead of "Mary Smith" use "Mary Smith (Director)".

The "User Details - Name" can be edited from Select, Organisation, User Accounts.

referenced email

From: Adrian Butterworth
To: Fiebig, Kevin
Subject: CCB statements
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 15:16:27 +0930

Hi Kevin

The letter Anthony sent out on 4 weekly CCB statements is hitting centres and they are contacting us on their obligations.

Have you had a chance to follow up on the discussion at TRG on whether the CCMS details in our weekly "Tax Invoice" are sufficient to pass audit for this requirement. Let me know if you'd like to see more comprehensive examples or alternate scenarios, than the one I left with you.

As you know from the sample "CCMS statement" I supplied, our services can produce dedicated CCMS statements, and we envisage these would be available in cases where parents requested one, invoices are unavailable, etc.

But having to routinely producing these separate statements has many disadvantages compared to including the information in the invoice on a weekly basis.

In particular:

  • It is difficult for parents to understand the purpose and meaning of a standalone CCMS report.
  • conversely providing the information to parents in the context of their bill and at the time it applies makes the information more relevant.
  • including it in the bill saves an additional procedure for services.
  • services can overlook providing or distributing the statements.
  • Including it on the invoice ensures compliance.
  • parents & services object to the environmental, financial & organisational "waste" for what they see as an unnecessary piece of technical bureaucracy.
  • I feel the CCMS data we are providing in the invoice is comprehensive & meets the governments objectives however if you form the opinion there are deficiencies that could be resolved without expanding the report space requirements please let us know.

    If separate statements are mandated for all parents we will remove the information from the weekly invoice as there is pressure to use the space for other purposes.

    note: layout & spelling may differ slightly on this web page representation from the original email