Spike update

A Spike update has been released.

A major enhancement is a feature to automatically exchange data with the Canberra CCMS systems at times that coincide with their processing schedules. You will still be able to manually "process CCMS" but this will generally not be necessary. The new feature simplifies your work and will reduce load on their servers and ours during peak times.

Emailed tax invoices will now come with a cover text describing the attachment and who authorised sending it. This enables compliance with the CCMS signing requirements for CCB statements.

A fix has also been made to 'In Home Care' vacancy reporting, and Spike is now less likely to suspend a CCB approval when the Government's CCMS system is down.

These enhancements will be made on the server and you do not need a new viewer. The only thing you need to do is stop poking "process CCMS".

Although your existing viewer will still work, a new one is available and is recommended.
It contains:

  • controls for the new automatic CCMS processing.
  • an editor for organisation details.
  • comments for special CCB entitlements.
  • updates to various reporting wizards.
  • other minor updates.