SpikeViewer for Linux

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The Spike3 thin-client "viewer" is available for many platforms. This is the latest version for use on Linux.

Download and Install

  1. Check you have a Sun Java 1.6 environment installed. If not visit http://www.java.com/ or consult your distribution.
  2. Download the viewer linux.gtk.x86.tar.bz2
    or for a 64 bit version linux.gtk.x86_64.tar.bz2
  3. Extract it into a convenient location like your desktop.

Using the SpikeViewer

  1. Double-click on "SpikeViewer" in the unpacked directory.
  2. You can browse our demonstration site using
    username : demo
    password : demo
    server : https://spike.economicoutlook.net/demo/

tip: You can right click to pop up a menu of context sensitive reports and actions or double click
to drill in.

More Information
You can contact the help desk for more help or more advanced access