Spike3 - Efficient, Flexibile, Dependable.

Spike version 3 is our current childcare management software system. It is powerful, reliable and registered for use with Australia's current CCMS system and transition to the new CCS replacement.

For almost two decades our systems have led the way in lifting the administrative burden at hundreds of Australian childcare services.
Spike 3 our current generation, embeds childcare business rules to take care of translating your activities into the fine details required for CCMS claims.

  • CCMS claims are generated, submitted and credited to accounts fully automatically.
  • Advanced caching architecture enables continued operation even with FaCSIA offline.
  • Time aware rules so you can enter changes when you are notified.
    For example:
    • management change the fees - enter the new rate with the date it comes into effect & you're done!
    • a child will be leaving the centre - set a withdrawl date & you're done!
    • a family will go on holiday in a few weeks - mark absent or delete that weeks booking in the diary & you're done!
    • a family becomes entitled to CCMs - enter the CRN's, confirm the dates of birth & you're done!

    All consequences for billing, CCMS registration etc. are automatically taken care of when the time comes.

  • Work anywhere there is a sound internet connection, but unlike browser based solutions you get the speed & power of desktop software even over slow connections.

Unprecedented organisational flexibility to manage a single service or a national chain.

  • Multiple service types - any mix (LDC OSHC FDC IHC OCC)
  • Multiple centres, campuses and administration units
  • Multi Platform, run on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX even a mix.
  • Multi user, with fine grained access control

You can run it on a self contained laptop or PC, share it in an office network, share it across the internet, or have it hosted in our datacentre. You choose.

Spike 3 is built using the most powerful enterprise grade technologies available to deliver performance, reliability and seamless networking.

  • A Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Business Engine performs all business transactions for maximum scalability and integrity.
  • ACID compliant relational database with referential integrity ensures data is consistent and safe.
  • Embedded accounting engine ensures the accounts receivables system meets demanding audit requirements.
  • Comprehensive logging & journalling.
  • SOAP/HTTPS web services securely and efficiently connect client systems to the business engine from across the office or across the world.
  • Clients for Windows, Linux and Mac/OSX
  • Advanced caching architecture ensures useability even over slow network links, and if FaCSIA is offline.
  • Authentication, authorisation and encryption protect your data across all levels.
  • PDF report engine for networked reports.
  • Multi language extendable.
  • All supported by a dedicated help desk, staffed by childcare professionals, and backed by a company that has been supporting the childcare industry since the mid 90's.

For more information
phone : (08) 8231 0941
email : spike@economicoutlook.net